WAITT Canvas Tote
WAITT Canvas Tote
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WAITT Canvas Tote

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My son Anthony came up with this acronym last week after seeing all the messages, ads, and posts regarding Covid-19. He said it had more than just the meaning of "waiting" until this slows down; the fact that we are all in this together, and the certainty that we will come back stronger, since we are all involved.

Since my sister is here with us, back from Florida, where she was, unfortunately, laid off from her job, and she is my T-shirt designer, we got together to work on a design. 

We wanted it to be more than just the WAITT acronym; we wanted it to be about hope and reaffirm that our COMEBACK will be strong and fierce!

Therefore, our hope is that THIS provides you with some hope. We are splitting the sale of this bag between the 3 of us, seeing as we all had a hand in it and it help us survive. To date, I haven’t received any Unemployment or SBA loan assistance or Stimulus money, (it is now lost in the system) but this website has been my lifeline. And, my sister received her Stimulus, but that will only last for a short time. 

I just wanted you all to know the situation. I do not want to profit off of this situation, but it is my only means of financial support.

The bag is screen printed on natural color canvas with a black nylon handle. 
We can not thank you enough for your continued support of my Small Business and ALL Small Businesses. I say I and We, because you mostly see my face at shows, but this business is backed by my family. 


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